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About our Dental Office - Yukon, OK

10 Reasons to Choose Us For Your Oral Health Care Needs

When it comes to choosing a dental practice, many factors come into play. Comfort, convenience, expertise, and technology are just the tip of the iceberg. If you're in Yukon, Oklahoma, and searching for a dental clinic that ticks all these boxes, look no further. Here are 10 compelling reasons to make our practice your go-to for exceptional oral care.

1. A Commitment Not To Over Treat

In all that we do, we lean towards minimal invasiveness. Basically, that means we opt not to overtreat. Instead, we inform patients about potential dental concerns and then monitor, only taking action when fully necessary and in the best interest of our patients.

"Many dentists do more damage to patients by trying to drill a hole in every tooth as opposed to just letting certain teeth re-mineralize (ie heal on their own). The restorative cycle means that if you drill a hole in a tooth, you are guaranteeing that you will have to drill on that same tooth within 5-7 years (because our man-made materials fail) and it will be a bigger filling when you do the new filling because you have to remove the old filling and bond to fresh enamel. Often times if we just watch the area for a while before punching a hole in it with a filling, the area will often remineralize and we can avoid drilling & causing unneccesary damage later down the line."
- Dr. John Fullington, DDS - Dentist Yukon

2. Family-Friendly Environment

Our practice welcomes patients young and old, fostering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where every family member can feel at ease.

Consulting with patient at our dental office
About our veteran owned dental practice

3. Experienced Dental Professionals

With years of expertise behind us, our expert dental team offer the best dental care in the industry.

4. Comprehensive Services

We cover all aspects of oral health care including general and preventative care, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and dentures and full smile makeovers.

5. State-of-the-Art Technology & In House Lab

We harness the latest in technology, offering you precise diagnostics and treatments. With our in-house dental lab, we can provide superior treatments in a timelier manner than you will find at most practices.

6. Personalized Treatment Plans

Cookie-cutter plans that just go through the standard routine? Not here. We curate treatment options that cater specifically to your unique oral health care needs.

7. Emphasis on Preventive Care

We’re all about keeping your smile bright with regular cleanings and proactive oral health education, not just dealing with issues as they arise.

8. Convenient Location

Our clinic is nestled in the heart of Yukon, offering easy wheel-chair accessible access for all residents of Yukon and the surrounding area. Plus, you'll never have to circle around for parking—we have plenty!

9. Insurance-Friendly Practice

Dental care shouldn't be a financial burden. We work with a multitude of insurance providers and even provide our own in-house membership plan that saves you $100s on dental costs each year to ensure your care is covered and financially attainable.

10. Patient Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it — check out all our verified 5 star reviews on Google

Ashley Arevalos

"This place is an absolute GEM! So happy I found this through Google. I love my denture and my teeth feel amazing after the deep cleaning. Highly recommend them!"

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At the end of the day, your smile and satisfaction are what drive us. Join us and see why hundreds of patients trust us for their oral health care. Ready to experience top-quality care in a warm and friendly environment? Take the first step towards a healthier, more radiant smile and contact us to set up your first appointment.

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