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When you are experiencing a dental emergency in Yukon, Oklahoma, it is important you schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Delay can often exacerbate the problem, leading to more extensive damage and potentially bigger issues. Through training in the Navy and various clerkships, our lead dentist has learned better than most how to move quickly in order to mitigate swelling and provide optimal results. Call us now to schedule an appointment, then keep reading for tips and information on what to do if and when you face an unexpected dental emergency. 

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Quick Tips For What To Do

Calling Redeemed Smiles in Dental Emergency
  1. Call Redeemed Smiles
Cracked tooth due to dental emergency

2. Save any dislodged parts of your tooth/teeth.

Applying pressure to tooth during dental emergency

3. Control bleeding with pressure and clean water.

ice pack for dental emergency

4. While waiting for your appointment, use a cold compresses to alleviate pain and swelling.

Step 1: Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

The onset of a dental emergency can surge panic, but keeping cool is critical. Start by gently assessing the pain's source and severity. Some dental emergencies, such as swelling, can spread and lead to additional complications if left unattended.

Step 2: Contact Redeemed Smiles for Emergency Dental Service

As soon as you assess the situation, contact Redeemed Smiles immediately. Our phone number is (405) 237-6453. We prioritize same-day service for authentic dental emergencies. If it's not feasible to see you immediately, we can prescribe medications to reduce swelling and pain in the interim.

When calling, please include:

  • A description of the emergency
  • The severity and location of pain
  • Any critical information about the onset of symptoms

get seen by an emergency dentist now

Step 3: Manage Toothache or Dental Pain

Toothaches are often a symptom of underlying issues. To temporarily manage the pain, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and gently floss to remove any trapped food particles. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also help, but avoid placing them directly on the gums.

If a tooth has been knocked out, time is of the essence:

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown (not the root).
  • Gently rinse the tooth without scrubbing.
  • If possible, attempt to place it back in the socket or hold it within your cheek to keep it moist.
  • Alternatively, keep it in a glass of milk or saline solution.

Save any broken pieces, rinse your mouth, and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Avoid chewing on the affected side to prevent further damage and cover sharp edges with sugarless gum.

For fillings, stick a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity. If a crown has fallen out, attempt to slip it back over the tooth after coating the inner surface with dental cement (if available), or toothpaste.

For injuries to the lips, cheeks, gums, or tongue, clean the area with water and apply pressure with gauze or a tea bag. If the bleeding persists, seek immediate medical attention.

Step 4: Prepare for your Emergency Dental Appointment

Gather any fragments of teeth, fillings, or crowns to bring with you. Write down the details of the incident and any actions you have taken.

Your Trusted Emergency Dentist in Yukon, OK

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, take immediate steps to manage the situation and contact us today. Our unique approach to emergency dentistry centers around minimizing trauma and providing swift, skilled care. We are experts in painless injections & sedation techniques & will ensure you receive comprehensive and gentle care during these distressing times.

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