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We are proud to offer our patients a painless dentistry experience in Yukon, Oklahoma. For patients with complex dental problems or just experiencing general anxiety or fear of going to the dentist, our sedation dentistry services can forever change your perception of dental care. With a variety of options available such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, & full IV sedation, we are your best choice for painless dentistry care in the Oklahoma Canadian County Region.

Why Choose Redeemed Smiles for Sedation Dentistry?

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    The only practice in Yukon, OK offering full IV Sedation

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    A relaxing, painless and comfortable dentistry experience.

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    A safe and effective way to achieve painless dentistry

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, also sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, is a technique used to help patients with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist to have a more comfortable and relaxed dental experience. It involves the use of sedatives to induce a state of relaxation and calmness during dental procedures.
Dental anxiety is a common issue that affects a significant number of people. It can range from mild nervousness to extreme fear and can make it difficult for patients to receive the dental care they need. Sedation dentistry aims to address this issue by providing a safe and effective solution that allows patients to feel relaxed and at ease during their entire dental treatment.

IV used for sedation dentistry

What Are The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry?

Easing Dental Anxiety

Sedation dentistry is a great solution for patients with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. It helps them relax and feel more comfortable during their dental treatment leading to a more favorable outcome and experience for the patient. By alleviating anxiety, sedation dentistry allows patients to receive the dental care they need without the fear and discomfort.

Providing a Painless Dentistry Experience

One of the main benefits of sedation dentistry is that it provides for pain-free oral health care. The sedatives used in sedation dentistry ensure patients can undergo complex dental treatments without experiencing any pain.

Rob Davis

When Dr. John did my implant, from start to finish, the thing that amazed me most, other than the quality of work, was the fact that I had no pain whatsoever. Their pain management protocol is revolutionary in my opinion and experience. I would readily recommend redeeming smiles dental 100%. With two thumbs up. And a big smile!!!

The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry We Offer

We offer various types of sedation dentistry to meet the varying needs of our patients. These options include nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a light form of dental sedation. It is administered through a nose mask and keeps patients relaxed and happy during treatment while allowing them to remain conscious and responsive.

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill or liquid medication before the dental procedure. This form of sedation provides a deeper level of relaxation compared to nitrous oxide but still allows patients to remain conscious and responsive. The effects of oral sedation may take a few hours to wear off, so it is important to have someone accompany patients to and from the dental office.

Full IV sedation

Full IV sedation is administered by our cRNA and involves administering a sedative through a tiny injection in the patient's arm, resulting in deep relaxation and unconsciousness. Full IV sedation is recommended for highly anxious patients and/or those who would prefer to be fully asleep during their dental procedure. Full IV Sedation is also beneficial for patients with physical issues or difficulty sitting for extended periods.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is administered by our cRNA and is the most potent type of sedation offered in sedation dentistry. We are proud to be one of the only dental offices in Yukon providing this service. With general anesthesia, the patient is in a deep state of sedation and completely unconscious. Upon waking, patients will have no memory of the dental procedure. General Anesthesia is typically used for major oral surgeries or complex procedures such as our all-on-four dentures and more complex implant procedures.

Painless Tooth Extraction

Safety and Effectiveness of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective technique that has been used for many years to help patients overcome dental anxiety and receive the dental care they need.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry is safe when performed by a trained and experienced dental office like ours. We carefully monitor our patients throughout the entire procedure to ensure safety and efficacy.

The Effectiveness of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is highly effective in providing a comfortable and relaxed dental experience for patients. It allows patients with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist to receive the necessary dental treatment without any discomfort or pain. Sedation dentistry is particularly effective for complex dental procedures that may require an extended period of time or involve significant dental work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sedation dentistry may not be suitable for everyone. While it is a great solution for patients with dental fear or anxiety, the specific sedation method used will depend on several factors, including the patient's overall health, medical history, and the complexity of the dental procedure. Oral medication or general anesthesia may not be suitable for certain individuals, and it is important to discuss any concerns or underlying conditions with the dentist before undergoing sedation dentistry.

Like any medical procedure, sedation dentistry carries some risks and potential side effects. These risks can vary depending on the type of sedation used, such as oral conscious sedation or IV sedation. Common side effects may include drowsiness, nausea, or temporary memory loss. However, these side effects are typically mild and transient. Serious complications are rare but can occur, and it is important for patients to disclose their medical history and any medications they are taking to their dentist before undergoing sedation dentistry.

The duration of sedation effects can vary depending on the type of sedation used. Nitrous oxide, for example, wears off quickly once the gas supply is stopped. Oral sedation may take several hours to wear off, requiring patients to have someone accompany them to and from the dental office. IV sedation can have longer-lasting effects, and patients may feel drowsy for several hours after the procedure. The dentist will provide specific instructions for post-procedure care and recovery based on the type of sedation used.

Experience Painless dental care through sedation dentistry at Redeemed Smiles!

There is no need to struggle with dental anxiety or fear. Our sedation dentistry services at Redeemed Smiles ensure a comfortable, painless & stress-free dental experience. Book your appointment today and experience painless and anxiety-free dental care in Yukon, Oklahoma!

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